Customized Color

Italian Customized Color All Over:

Starts at $85

We specialize in Italian line of color with the highest quality for your hair. Our color specialists use the most advanced Italian color to deliver beautiful shinny color for your hair. Our color service is the best in Las Vegas:

·        Personalized color for your skin tone

·        Advanced UV inhibitors protect hair color from the inside to protect color from the Sun. The color of your hair will be protected from the Sun in Las Vegas.

·        Advanced Phyto-Wheat Proteins added to the superior conditioning properties to deliver unprecedented conditioning benefits and ensure structural integrity

The result is beautiful shinny hair with color that enhances your skin tone. Our color specialists will consult with you to find the right hair color for you.

Tips on hair color:

Color will damage hair?

Often people believe that coloring hair will damage hair. It is true if you use the color that is strong in chemical, like box color. We hear our client say things like, “Doesn’t all color make your hair dry?” So the answer is depending on what you use.

Here is our advice.  Don’t trust your friends with your color, and trust a professional color specialist.

What is color all over?

When we say “color all over”, it means single process. So if you want to refresh your existing color, this will be the service you will get.

If you are thinking to lighten your hair color or change color, you may be looking at double process color service, not color all over. The best is call us and consult with our color specialist.  



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