What is dry and damaged hair?

What is Dry/damaged hair?

A healthy cuticle is more than just a protective layer. Much of the shine that makes healthy hair so attractive is due to the state of the cuticle. When new hair first grows up out of the scalp, the cuticle consists of up to ten layers of long ‘scales’, and it is incredibly thin – only 3 or 4 micrometers in width. Incredibly, this miniscule barrier has to last for six years or even longer.

As the hair grows, the layers are worn down little by little.  At the tips of our hair, especially when long, those protective layers are worn almost completely away. This wearing is a perfectly natural process that results in “dry or damaged hair”, but is oftentimes accelerated by environmental factors. These factors can include wetting, friction, sunlight, heat from styling or the sun, chemicals in swimming pools, salt in seawater, and much, much more. To help prevent excessive abuse to the cuticle, PA PROFESSIONAL has formulated a system specifically for dry and damaged hair.


PA Professional Hair Care System

Dry / Damaged Shampoo and Conditioner:

Specially formulated for dry and damaged hair.

PA Professional created a shampoo and conditioner set to repair and prevent damage from the natural process of worn cuticles, and heat from hair dryers or the sun, chemicals in swimming pools, etc.

This PA Professional shampoo and conditioner, together, instantly repairs the damage while preventing further damage.

It also adds volume, manageability, and shine.


Author Sonya Parker, www.sonyahanako.com

Shampoo and Conditioner for Dry and Damage hair

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