What is chemically treated hair?

What is Chemically treated hair?


Many chemicals, such as bleaches, perms, relaxers, and straighteners, are known to cause mild to severe damage to the hair and scalp. But how? All hair is made up of three primary parts: the cuticle, the hair shaft, and the hair cortex. The cuticle is essentially made up of several layers of “scales” that act as a protective barrier to the hair’s shaft and cortex. It also determines how healthy and shiny our hair looks. The hair shaft buries itself inside the cuticle and is composed of the protein bonds responsible for giving hair its strength and added luster. And hidden in the very center is the sensitive cortex that determines the color and consistency of the strand’s makeup. In order to be effective, chemical processes have had to find a way through these protective barriers to reach the hair’s cortex by essentially defying it’s natural state.


First, the product forces the cuticle open by swelling it. This will leave the shaft fully exposed and allow the chemicals to pass through to the hair’s cortex . In theory, these products will simply go in and do their job, then reseal the cuticle, leaving the customer with a gorgeous makeover. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. During the process, the cuticle is often left mangled, brittle, uneven and incapable of sealing itself completely to the hair’s shaft. In addition, the protein bonds found in the hair’s shaft are worn down from the harsh process and left with an imbalance in the hair’s electric charge, resulting in hair that is prone to static electricity. The ultimate result is the typical dry, damaged, and frizzy hair that necessitates further styling to hide it’s chemically damaged state.


PA Professional Hair Care System

Chemically Treated Shampoo and Conditioner:

Specially formulated for chemically treated hair.

Chemically treated hair needs special attention.

Unsealed cuticles and broken protein bonds characterize chemically treated hair. It is difficult to comb and requires extra work to hide frizzy or broken ends. The hair requires protein repair and amino acids as well as a hair vitamin to make it healthy and grow properly.

PA Professional Chemically Treated Shampoo and Conditioner allows re-establishment of the hydrogen bonds, repairs damaged protein, and improve the moisture content of the hair by improving the cuticle, and condition the inner and outer layer of hair shaft. The instant results are remarkable, smooth to comb, restore shine, and control static electricity.

Unique combinations of proteins repair the damaged protein bonds.

Nourishing concentrations of Wheat Protein, Provitamin B5, Jojoba and Vitamins A and E create a super infusion of moisture.

Botanical extracts control static electricity.  


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