Curing Chronic Hair Abuse

Curing Chronic Hair Abuse


In general, people are fairly understanding of their skin’s condition. We notice if our skin is dry, oily, or has a blemish because we can feel it. Our face and skin have nerves, making us more aware of what our skin is in need of. In addition, the cause and effect relationship is far more noticeable with our skin. If we have been outside and got sunburnt, we feel it almost immediately. If we have scratched our skin, it’s noticeable. We typically know how and why our skin is reacting how it is and we proactively work to protect it.


As a rule, this is not how we treat our hair. Our hair has no nerves in it, so we cannot feel when it breaks or burns. In fact, most people do not realize that their hair is damaged until they begin to see obvious and extremely visible signs of their hair’s abuse. But the harsh reality is that their hair has been screaming for help for far longer than they realize, and by the time they see it, there is little to no chance of complete repair. This is what we have titled the vicious cycle of chronic hair abuse.


Many of the symptoms of chronic hair abuse, such as dry or damaged hair, are completely preventable. Just like the majority of society is vigilant in lathering on sunscreen before spending hours in the sun, so they could just as simply prevent hair damage by using the right products. People often complain about their dry hair as an incurable disease, but purchase their hair care items based on smell and how catchy the label’s design is. The cycle continues as many will fork up hundreds of dollars and hours of their day in an attempt to hide their damaged hair with hair dryers, flat irons, highlights and other harsh processes, all while buying the cheapest and most damaging products available at the grocery store. Just like investing in quality sunscreen before UV contact can save hundreds of dollars in our skin’s health, damage and cures, so choosing the right hair products can save your hair from the unforgiving cycle of chronic hair abuse.


You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, and you can’t judge hair’s beauty by it’s color. Healthful, voluminous hair begins in it’s core. By using the right products, the hair and scalp are able to receive proper nutrients that are critical to repair and preserve the proper growth and consistency of hair. Preventing chronic hair abuse by choosing the right products is the first step to achieving the healthiest and most gorgeous hair possible.

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