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Salon CHARISMA- Philip Amodei European Concept:

-Today’s perfect and stunning looks with unique shapes and colors

An International Award Winning Hair Designer, Philip Amodei is the founder and the creative director of Salon CHARISMA. Under Philip Amodei European Concept, Salon CHARISMA specializes in precise, customized color, and techniques developed by Philip Amodei.  Simple and elegant hair crafting is our passions. His challenging, creative spirit took him around the world to discover the most innovative and progressive hair design.



YOUR HAIR BY CHARISMA – Philip Amodei Concept


At CHARISMA, hair design begins with the client. We study individual features, characteristics and personal style, applying each cut and color with careful consideration and precision, creating the ultimate individualized look that’s effortlessly sophisticated.


About Philip Amodei:

Moving from Italy to New York City, he successfully participated in world-class design competitions and established salons across the U.S. He works with world-famous hair designers in film, theater, and magazine photo shoots. His PA PROFESSIONAL HAIR CARE SYSTEM, a collection of hair care products are developed to support the Philip Amodei ‘s professional philosophy.

In 1997, he received the prestigious award of Master Cosmetologist from the LOS ANGELES PROFESSIONAL COSMETOLOGY GROUP.

Philip Amodei was Born and raised in Sicily, Italy, he acquired and mastered his design skills in and through-out Europe. In the early 1970’s, striving to further explore cutting-edge design and enter into the most progressive hair design environment, he moved to the United States, where his advanced skills and attention to fine detail were immediately recognized. His name then became established among the best and most innovative New York hair designers.

The opening of Philip Amodei’s first salon in New York reflected his dedication and highly skilled design techniques and captured the hearts and imagination of the sophisticated New York City crowd. Following the success of his New York salon, he expanded into five new markets in the New York region, including Brooklyn and West Port, Connecticut. Continuing to strive to expand his creative horizons, he set his sight upon the West Coast where he built another successful salon in Los Angeles, California, the Salon Philip Amodei.

Continuing to establish prestigious and successful salons across America has allowed Philip Amodei to advance his hair design professionalism to higher standards.

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