The Eras of Hair Styling – tomorrow in history with PHILIP AMODEI™


The Era of Hair Dressing

During the 50’s, a visit to the beauty parlous was a weekly
ceremony. Hair was styled using curlers, followed by a
prolonged time under hair dryer hood. The resulting look,
often bouffant, was hair sprayed into stanch stiffness.

THE 60’S

The Era of Hair Dressing

A precision haircutting techniques, turning hairdressers into
haircutters, revolutionizing the industry and liberating women
with modern, easy to managed hair.

THE 80’S

The Dawn of the color Era

More sophisticated hair coloring techniques and products were developed and color went conventional. Philip Amodei experimented with a large assortment of shades and methods, bringing cuts and colors into close association.


The Era of Hair Styling

Encouraged on by the proliferation of products on the market, hair trend have
moved in the direction of over-styling. This looks are not easy to recreate and
maintain at home. Philip Amodei on the other hand, makes the cut the style.
As a result looks don’t wash out after a visit to the salon and are easy to
recreate by the client.


The Era of Hair Design

In this fast-paced, get-it-done-yesterday world, clients are
looking for more from the hair. At the forefront of change,
Philip Amodei pioneers a new era of ‘Hair Design’.
Cuts and colors click with real character, created through
a mixture of precision techniques, the expression of
the stylist’s creativity and suitability to the individual.
The result is modern wearable beauty; hair becomes
a true extension of your personality.